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My 3 year old daughter said to me recently ‘Daddy do you draw and do colouring in at work’. It reminded me that for years people have had the misconception that Graphic designers sit at their desks in their ripped jeans, listening to loud music and draw and colour in all day.

Before instructing any web development or website design professional or perhaps trying to build one yourself, Rob has put together these top tips to make sure you get the most out of your website.

We at PAW Design love to look at things differently. With the brand new plastic five pound note entering circulation this week it reminded us that design is not always how things look its how they are used.

Graphic design is all about communication. As Graphic Designers we use colour, type, space and imagery to communicate how a company is perceived.
So what does your brand say about you.

At PAW Design we are passionate about design for print. Some say it’s an old fashioned medium with the increased popularity of online marketing but here are 6 reaosns they can be the best way to leave a lasting impression...

The Summer months can be slow with staff and clients away on holidays but we think this is an ideal time to ramp up your marketing. See why...