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We at PAW Design love to look at things differently. With the brand new plastic five pound note entering circulation this week it reminded us that design is not always how things look its how they are used.


The new Five Pound note

The new five pound note is made from a polymer plastic which means that it will still fold and bend into our wallets with ease but will last longer and survive the odd accidental spin in the washing machine!!

How we have used a similar material

Last year a client of ours –Woods Butchers in Northcamp, needed a new set of display labels to be designed and printed to put next to each of their meat products. Before we came along they were using square bits of card or paper, with hand written info and then laminated. This not only did not look very appealing, they did not last long as they were constantly being handled and exposed to the cold damp environment being next to raw meat in a chilled cabinet. We designed a simple label that can be used across all their products then we sourced a suitable material to print on which is very similar to that of the new five pound note, a durable polymer plastic. The 3 benefits this made to woods Butchers was firstly they had a nice new professional and consistent look to their display cabinets, the labels were wipe clean so they can be washed off time and time again making them more hygienic and being more durable, they have not had to replace any yet.

What difference could we make to your business?

By looking at things differently we are able to come up with creative design and print solutions that not only look great but solve problems for your business.