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Wrong!! It should not even be the first step.
Getting a logo or brand mark is probably the first step for most, but really your brand journey should start right from your business idea.

When planning your business you need to think about that initial spark that spurred you to go out there and start your own business. This will give you a pretty clear grounding on your why and setting your brand values ie what do you stand for and developing your unique story.

So what is a logo?

Once your clear on your story and your vision, your logo can be created to reflect and start communicating this. Your logo is just a graphical representation and one element, albeit an important one and it can’t represent or illustrate everything about you and your company.

It is merely a memory trigger for your brand for people to easily remember and recognize you from your competition as we remember visual things over single words and descriptions.
Things like the choice of fonts & colours all have an impact on how your logo communicates to your audience so these also need to be aligned to how you want to be perceived in the market.

So what is a brand?

Once you have your logo, that’s when the brand can really start to take shape and it’s the experience your customers and audiences receive and the knowledge they gain about your services or company.

“If your not branding yourself or your business, you can be sure others will do it for you”

If you don’t work hard to control what you are communicating through your branding across all your online and offline marketing, then others will make their own judgments and it may be detrimental. As you can see, it is suddenly more than just your logo on a business card

So do you have a logo or a brand?

We get many enquiries for people wanting a logo because it’s become a specific item that everyone can relate to and a ticked box of things they think they need and then try to come up with some reasoning after. You do need a good logo but the why needs to be heavily thought about first so you get a logo or brand mark that resonates with people rather than a pretty icon.

Those that enquire about a rebrand may be more aware of the bigger brand issues and need a new logo as part of a strategy to either modernize or communicate a significant change they wish to make in how they are being perceived.

So whether your starting up or been in business a while and think you need a new logo ask your self why. You will get a logo and brand that works for you hand in hand when you set this out from the start.

If you need help defining your brand then we’re here to help.

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